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In this webinar Nika Mizerski (Product Manager) provides you with a complete overview of PoolParty’s most extensive third-party integration – Drupal.

The open-source content management system is one of the leading digital platforms and can be enhanced by manifold functionalities, which are provided by individual and organizational contributors. PoolParty Semantic Suite has been integrated deeply with Drupal. The provided plug-ins belong to some of the most popular semantic features of Drupal users and are implemented in more than 100 digital applications.

This webinar is interesting to you if you want to:

  • Professionalize your taxonomy management for Drupal.
  • Integrate and annotate multiple content sources in Drupal.
  • Enhance the search functionalities of your Drupal platform or even establish a full-blown semantic search portal.
  • Provide data visualization features in Drupal.
  • See project examples and use cases how to increase the functionality of content and data portals based on Drupal.

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