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Business Insights at First Sight!

Market observation is of utmost strategic importance. How does your organization approach this
multi-dimensional task?

Most companies struggle to streamline the research activities of individual contributors and profit from information synergies.

Now it’s as easy as possible: set up a professional market monitoring portal with a reasonable budget – yet tailored to your information needs.


Apply semantic technologies: they are a flexible toolkit for you to establish a powerful collaborative knowledge engine.

How It Works:

  •  Decide which sources should be monitored.
  •  Choose from internal and external information sources.
  •   Encode relevant news streams semantically by using consistent business vocabularies and taxonomies.
  • Integrate your Content Management System with a dedicated Market Intelligence Portal. For Drupal and Atlassian Confluence, we provide out-of-the-box user interfaces.

Experience Semantic Market Monitoring:

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Live Semantic Market Monitoring

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We Build Your Monitoring Portal

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Semantic Data Analytics Demo

Your Benefits

  • PoolParty lets you integrate structured and unstructured text and data formats into your market monitoring cockpit.
  • Select your most relevant information sources and centralize them in one place: market research becomes more efficient and relevant.
  • Link data sources and gain truly dynamic analysis options that disclose hidden insights – a valuable competitive advantage.
  • Professionalize your market intelligence activities and create cross-departmental communication and synergies.

How Much Does a Customized Market Monitoring Portal Cost?

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