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Market Insights at First Sight!

Market intelligence is of great strategic importance. How does your company deal with this multidimensional task? Most companies find it difficult to contextualize and link innovations and research activities properly in order to distinguish important trends and developments from mayflies. Knowledge graphs are the key to success: Implement a collaborative market monitoring portal – tailored to your knowledge domain and information needs.

Apply semantic technologies: they are a flexible toolkit for you to establish a powerful collaborative knowledge engine.

How It Works:

  •  Decide which sources should be monitored.
  •  Choose from internal and external information sources.
  •   Encode relevant news streams semantically by using consistent business vocabularies and taxonomies.
  • Integrate your Content Management System with a dedicated Market Intelligence Portal. For Drupal and Atlassian Confluence, we provide out-of-the-box user interfaces.

Experience Semantic Market Monitoring:

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Live Semantic Market Monitoring

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We Build Your Monitoring Portal

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Your Benefits

  • PoolParty lets you integrate structured and unstructured text and data formats into your market monitoring cockpit.
  • Select your most relevant information sources and centralize them in one place: market research becomes more efficient and relevant.
  • Link data sources and gain truly dynamic analysis options that disclose hidden insights – a valuable competitive advantage.
  • Professionalize your market intelligence activities and create cross-departmental communication and synergies.

How Much Does a Customized Market Monitoring Portal Cost?

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