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Linked Data Management

Semantic Web technologies are based on linked data. With PoolParty, you have a powerful solution for developing a semantic layer that organizes all your digital assets into virtual graphs.

By linking your data repositories you avoid resource-intensive migration projects. With interlinked digital assets you improve your data analytics applications, knowledge portals, search engines and recommender systems.

Benefit from integrated views of all your data and knowledge objects.

This is how it works

  • With PoolParty, you build a knowledge graph that structures and represents your prioritized knowledge domains.
  • With Linked Data Management, you connect digital resources along the knowledge graph.
  • Assets can be linked in multiple ways. In each linking scenario, they will have a unique URI (= Uniform Resource Identifier).
  • You have tools that support you in creating a semantic network in an automatic way.

Your benefits

  • PoolParty Semantic Suite is easy-to-use. Also Subject Matter experts can start linking data repositories with minimum training.
  • The semi-automatic Linked Data approach guarantees efficient and high quality work.
  • Linked Data is W3C standards-conformant. You have no vendor lock-in, when using PoolParty Semantic Suite.

We provide out-of-the box Linked Data solutions for







Thanks to PoolParty API,  we/you can customize PoolParty Semantic Suite for every available CMS and collaboration platform with low effort.

Experience the power of Linked Data

Linked Data in action

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