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Knowledge Engineer

Knowledge engineers are engaged in the science of building advanced logic into computer systems in order to try to simulate human decision-making and high-level cognitive tasks. They supply some or all of the “knowledge” that is eventually built into the technology.

Why Knowledge Engineers Love PoolParty:


PoolParty excels in usability. Minimum training for knowledge engineers required.


The knowledge engineer can concentrate on the conceptual work. PoolParty streamlines the operative tasks around knowledge management.


PoolParty is easy-to-use. Cooperation with subject matter experts not specialized in information architecture becomes easy and creates valuable synergy effects.


All resulting work will be based on open Semantic Web standards. You avoid expensive lock-in effects.


You can integrate PoolParty easily into your existing IT-infrastructure and produce results fast.


The Knowledge Engineer achieves visible results and progress fast.

Our Resources for Knowledge Engineers:

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Ontology Management

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Building a taxonomy is just the beginning of a semantic intelligence network. PoolParty is the most complete semantic technology suite on the global market: