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PoolParty Integration with Drupal

Benefit from Drupal systems that have semantic capabilities on board. Consistent and semi-automatic tagging builds the basis for better search, visualization and recommender services.

PowerTagging for Drupal

  • Knowledge extraction: Extract terms, phrases and named entitities from Drupal content with high accuracy
  • Auto classification: Streamline your CMS workflows with PoolParty’s reliable auto classifyer
  • Entity linking & semantic search: All content items are tied together around your entitites from your semantic knowledge graph to provide search-driven applications and recommender systems
  • Tag recommender: Integrate PoolParty PowerTagging into Drupal to support content managers with semi-automatic tagging
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Drupal Semantic Search Module

  • Precise faceted search: Search result filtering based on your taxonomy
  • Auto-complete based on vocabularies: Search assistant based on a domain-specific vocabulary
  • Concept based search expansion: Find documents based on concepts, not only by simple search terms
  • Similar content & serendipity: Knowledge discovery through search results that are linked to your initial interest
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Visual Mapper for Drupal

  • Visualize your knowledge graph: Make context and relations around your business objects visible and browsable
  • Provide business glossaries: Help employees understand the meaning of terms and phrases
  • Enhance your search: Provide visual widgets to assist users with their search over rather complex topics
  • Combine with speech-to-text: Integrate PoolParty Visual Mapper for Drupal with a speech-to-text engine and visualize semantic relations of all kinds of things mentioned in a dialogue
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Semantic Modules for Drupal

Convince yourself: Learn more about semantic modules for Drupal based on PoolParty Semantic Suite.

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