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Smart Manufacturing World Summit

In-person | March 29-31, 2023

Together with our partner Squirro, we will be participating for the first time in this well-established event in Germany specialized in the challenges and solutions for the manufacturing sector.

Listen to Bernd Schopp and Gordon Hayden on March 31, 2023, 13:30
Why the combination of AI technologies is a game-changer in manufacturing

  • What’s Composite AI and what are the key benefits to drive smart manufacturing
  • How the combination of Composite AI and Generative AI will be a game changer for manufacturing this year
  • Most relevant use cases where the combination of machine learning, natural language processing, knowledge graphs and large language models (LLMs) drive value in manufacturing

 If you’re around, be sure to look us up.

Click the button below for more information about the conference and how to register.

Smart Manufacturing World Summit

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