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Improve your Content Organization Workflow

Develop and benefit from new business models in the information industry. Knowledge organisations, media publishers, content distributors and online businesses face similar challenges: They produce valuable content but often lack efficient processes to manage it and methods to organize it. Discover the world of semantics, which is the key to opening this treasure chest.

PoolParty Content Organization Functionalities Along the Content Value Chain

Expert Resources for Your Content Business

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Automatic Concept Tagging

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Live-Demo Concept Tagging

Your Benefits

  • Content producers and managers share a common semantic framework for their work.
  • Taxonomies and knowledge graphs automatically contextualize your content along a stringent logic. Your content engine learns constantly and becomes even smarter.
  • Through automatic content enrichment and semantic tagging, search for information becomes more precise and cross-functional workflows smoother.
  • Semantic annotation of content is a cornerstone of effective content personalization. Provide your end users with valuable recommendations.
  • Implementing PoolParty is a cost-effective way to tackle content complexities.