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Collaborative Environments that Work and Inspire


Intranets and collaborative platforms streamline cross-functional communication.

However, is everybody on the same page and are synergy effects a part of your daily business?

Leading companies support their employees with a semantic technology environment to boost the collective intelligence.

PoolParty lets you enrich document systems and knowledge portals with metadata: Data in different formats are automatically annotated with additional meaning and linked to sources that fit into a specific context.
You create a high-performance collaborative environment and benefit from already existing data.



How PoolParty Works:

  • PoolParty lets you build taxonomies, thesauri and ontologies – without any coding skills. The resulting knowledge graph will be the heart of your information engine!
  • Consistent tagging of your documents is a must in order to stay on top of your information treasure. PoolParty extracts meaning from web pages and all kinds of documents and tags it automatically according to your knowledge graph.
  • Take existing data services into account and integrate what you need into your knowledge management system. By using the standards-based Linked Data approach, all information is connected according to your knowledge graph.

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Enrich Your Collaboration Platforms with Semantics

PoolParty semantic technolgies, our partners’ expertise and the following market leaders solutions are there to support you:

Your Benefits

  •  Your internal knowledge is embedded in a systematic corporate context.
  •  Information search is more precise and additionally enriched by useful recommendations.
  • You avoid duplicate research activities. Resources become available for value-adding tasks.

You Want to Create a Collaborative Business Culture?

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