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PoolParty on Tour: Semantic Web Company Showcases PoolParty at Leading Tech Conferences

May 12, 2022

It goes without saying that the last couple of years have had a shortage of in-person events when it comes to the corporate world. With 2022, Semantic Web Company (SWC) has eased up on some of our qualms, and delved into corporate events – where it counts most, anyway.

So far in 2022, SWC has been involved in many tech conferences, both online and onsite. For the purpose of this blog, we will focus on the in-person events to capture the true essence of a “tour.” Read ahead to see what we’ve participated in already for this first half of the year.

Angela DaSilva

Angela DaSilva

Content Writer

March 2022: NORDIC Techkomm

In March, colleague Ali Marhubi first kicked off the PoolParty tour at the NORDIC Techkomm in Stockholm, Sweden. Here, SWC was featured alongside partner RWS who has established an OEM integration for their intelligent content platform, Tridion. 

Marhubi, Data & Knowledge Engineer at SWC, had the opportunity to present PoolParty PowerTagging, our unique solution for auto classification and tagging that is supported by semantic AI. Concept tags are the focus of this solution, whose added benefits include enhancing the capabilities of simple term-based tags with synonyms, alternative labels, multilingual labels, etc. 

As part of the OEM integration for RWS, these concept tags, which are being created and maintained in a taxonomy, are helping improve the search performance within Tridion and overall user experience of RWS’ customers. 

Both Ali and RWS’ Jörg Schmidt testified to these benefits and the success of our partnership – ending the conference on a very happy note. 

May 2022

The month of May began with two tech conferences on either side of the US. 


At the start of this week CEO Andreas Blumauer and CSO Florian Bauer made their way to Convex 2022 held in Tempe, Arizona. While the trip initially had its issues by means of an unsuccessful attempt to land the plane in the connecting airport, the team was able to put their “handyman skills” to the test by building the PoolParty booth once on site. 

Andreas and Florian’s time at ConVEx culminated in discussions with partners and other influencers in the content management community, as well as presentations and “test kitchens.”

SWC contributed in the following presentations of the program:

    • Day 1: How Semantic AI Applications are Built. 

As a Test Kitchen, this session gave Andreas the opportunity to demonstrate the ways in which users can create and maintain taxonomies to serve as a foundation for a knowledge graph. PoolParty can help companies build semantic AI applications to enhance their content and knowledge hubs. 

    • Day 2: The Semantic Content Hub. 

Also led by Andreas, this session explored the various semantic modelling methods companies can use to organize unstructured content in a semantic content hub. Things like ambiguity and language discrepancies can be solved with semantics. 

    • Day 3: Automatically Categorize and Tag Content Using Semantic AI. 

Led by Florian, this session included a joint presentation with RWS’ VP of Global Solutions Consulting Chip Gettinger. Together, they talked about how using automated semantic concept tagging in Tridion Docs has improved the overall customer experience of Tridion by making content more easily findable.

From Florian’s perspective at ConVEx, “ It became very obvious that semantic technologies are a main topic in this community and we presented our approaches to build semantic content hubs and (together with our partner RWS) showcased how Semantic AI  capabilities (powered by PoolParty) are now an integral part of their Tridion Solutions.” 

Knowledge Graph Conference 

That same week, Data & Knowledge Engineer Heather Hedden was on the opposite side of the country on Roosevelt Island, New York. The Knowledge Graph Conference is one of the leading events for knowledge graph technologies designed to “bridge the gap between industry; which is increasingly recognizing the necessity of integrated data, and academia; where semantic technology has been developing for over twenty years.”

In person (but also held hybridly), Heather could conduct her tutorials and presentations:

    • Day 2: Foundation For A Knowledge Graph: Taxonomy Design Best Practices. 

This 90 minute session covered the basics and best practices of taxonomy design, including how to start naming concepts and how to extend it into an ontology. The tutorial was an interactive one, so the audience could engage with Heather’s presentation. 

    • Day 4: Taxonomy-Driven Ontology Design. 

This session focused on the approaches of designing an ontology with a taxonomy as a source. 



Online, Andreas Blumauer also participated in the Knowledge Graph Conference with the following talks:

    • Day 5:  How A Knowledge Graph Became The Focal Point Of The Internal Knowledge Hub In A Software Company. 

This session dove into Andreas’ insights for building a knowledge hub in SWC. It showcased how it was done, and celebrated its successes.

    • Day 5: Data Viz

Here, alongside other software vendors, Andreas gave a short overview of the PoolParty Semantic Suite and its capabilities.

Technical Communication Summit

On May 15-18, CCO Sebastian Gabler and Business Development and Partner Sales Engineer Martin Trajkov found themselves in Chicago, Illinois. 

The theme of this year’s Technical Communication Summit is “The Booming Business of Content: A New Era, New Opportunities” with focus on learning new “techniques, tools, and trends, as well as grow[ing] their skills and competencies.”

Along with networking with people in the technical communication space Sebastian and Martin presented the following topic on May 16:

    • INNOVATION HUB: Integrated End-to-End Product Lifecycles Enabled by Semantic AI. 

This talk will show how knowledge graphs are used for interoperable platforms in technical documentation and product information systems. Tune in to learn how different stakeholders (such as knowledge architects, product managers, and customers) can benefit from having a universal innovation hub in the tech docu space. 

At the conference, there were roughly 400 participants from all over the world in attendance. Following the conference, Sebastian and Martin spent the rest of their time in the US visiting customers and partners on the East Coast. Their journey also cuminated in a visit with Boston-based colleague Heather Hedden for a mini SWC reunion.   

According to Martin, “We learned that PoolParty is becoming the industry standard when it comes to centralized taxonomy management and our clients are happy to work with us on extending the use of their current PoolParty Projects.”

Read more about the conference on their website

Tridion Success Summit

On May 18, Associate Director of Solutions and Strategic Alliances Gordon Hayden visited our partners RWS in Amsterdam.

The Tridion Success Summit was a one-day event that covers the evolving landscape of the Tridion product and trends in content management. PoolParty’s stake in the summit includes talking about how semantic AI (done through PoolParty) has added value to the user experience in Tridion. 

Together with RWS, Gordon spoke in the following sessions:

    • Plenary Session

In this opening session, we learned about the latest developments in Tridion, understand the value of semantic AI, and harness the power of the content supply chain.

    • Breakout Session: Tridion Docs, Semantic AI | Smart tagging with Tridion Docs Taxonomy Space – how does it work and what is it good for? 

See how the new semantic AI capabilities in Tridion help companies better match user intent to their content.

Read more about the summit on their website

June 2022

Data Day Texas

On June 16, PoolParty was in Austin, Texas for the Data Day Texas tech conference. Here, PoolParty was a sponsor and Heather Hedden travelled once again to give her presentations on site. 

Data Day Texas “highlights the latest tools, techniques, and projects in the data space, bringing speakers and attendees from around the world to enjoy the hospitality that is uniquely Austin.”

Data Day Texas 2022

Heather’s sessions include:

  • Tutorial: Introduction to Taxonomies for Data Scientists

This 90 minute tutorial gave an overview of taxonomies (their comparison to other knowledge organization systems, standards, concepts, labels, etc.) and taxonomy design best practices. 

  • The Future of Taxonomies – Linking data to knowledge

This session explained how taxonomies can be used in an even greater context to their already beloved functionalities, including applications of semantic search, personalization, recommendation, question-answering.These session explored overall trends and benefits of taxonomies.

    Read more about the conference on their website.

    For SWC and the PoolParty team, especially our colleagues who travel for these events, conferences are always a celebrated opportunity to network and collaborate with others in our community, including partners, customers, and subject matter experts.


    Interested in seeing related webinars and events ? Head over to our event calendar to register for upcoming presentations and tech conferences.

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