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How to Start Your Taxonomy from Scratch with a Remote Team Using PoolParty CardSorting

November 16, 2020

Monika Balogh

Monika Balogh

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There are endless possibilities how to start a taxonomy or a knowledge graph from scratch but it is a daunting process. Maybe you start to tinker with an excel sheet.. But what if you want to do it collaboratively? It sounds more difficult, doesn’t it? In the past, organisations used the card sorting technique. But you and your domain experts had to be physically present. With PoolParty CardSorting we offer an easy way into the semantic world of taxonomies and knowledge graphs online. No prior semantic knowledge or physical presence is required!

What is Card Sorting?

PoolParty CardSorting is based on the card sorting technique that is used, for example, to start a new company glossary or a taxonomy. This process is very labour-intensive that requires you and your team to be in the same place at the same time. Later, your team follows up this process with many back and forth communication such as phone calls and emails. Our new tool solves this problem by providing you with an online PoolParty add-on where users can share ideas or cards, and turn them into PoolParty concepts in a PoolParty project anytime from anywhere.

Your First Steps

Just to give you an overview, here is a diagram of what to expect as a user PoolParty CardSorting:

First, you have to be registered for a PoolParty CardSorting Session to take part in the Brainstorming Phase where you are going to be able to add, vote, or filter cards/PoolParty concepts.You can ask the session Architect of PoolParty CardSorting to register you.

To take part in a PoolParty CardSorting Session after registration:

1. Login to the session.

After logging in you can see the User’s Session Screen.

2. Select the session you want to attend. In our example, it is “Garnishes”.

Now, you can see the Brainstorming Phase Canvas for the “Garnishes” session. This is your main work area in PoolParty CardSorting.

3. Add, vote, or filter cards/PoolParty concepts.

After you discussed and agreed in detail the cards/concepts in the current session, the Architect adds the cards/concepts in the Structure Phase to the PoolParty Taxonomy. You can assist in this process by refining the location for a concept in the PoolParty hierarchy tree.

You can easily add, vote, or filter cards/PoolParty concepts without any previous knowledge to an PoolParty taxonomy remotely and collectively. Check out PoolParty CardSorting here.


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