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Same, same but different. PoolParty and Acrolinx redefine Content that customers love

May 26 th 2022, Victoria Penker

Remember the times when writing used to be simple? When SEO and keyword analysis sounded like foreign, abstract concepts? When people would carefully read lengthy newspaper articles, complex philosophical discussions, and accepted wordy reviews?

Well, these times are definitely over, and written text has changed along the way. Enterprises have been wrestling with the challenge of creating high-velocity, consistent, and complaint content in today’s digital world. Giving engaging content a framework of technology can, however, drastically improve the digital customer experience journeys and accelerate a company’s overall performance.

Victoria Penker

Victoria Penker

Partner Success Marketing Manager

Data incognita: A new digital landscape to discover

One of the biggest challenges businesses face today is disparate digital experiences, for instance, poorly thought out, maintained, or siloed content.

Managing data silos and complicated workflows often hinder the content creation and publishing process. Successful digital leaders have to understand that it’s time to streamline their entire content creation process in order to generate strong lead engagement and ultimately drive qualified conversions. Because of this, it is paramount to understand the demands of today’s times, the volume and complexity, and the often siloed nature of content.

The Digital Marketing Transit Map of Gartner

Did you know? With the PoolParty Semantic Suite, you can transform your workflow without making any major changes to your existing systems.

Acrolinx and PoolParty

This is where a trusted partner of PoolParty comes in. Acrolinx, a global leader in helping the world’s largest enterprises increase the impact of their content, is using artificial intelligence to simplify content’s value by streamlining its creation, governing it against established writing guidelines, and improving its impact over time.

Throughout the global pandemic, we have seen an increased emphasis on investment in digital content to serve clients better and also facilitate internal processes and communication. Content acts as the cornerstone of customer experience. Writers spend hours upon hours trying to come up with the most engaging and comprehensive stories that will drive traffic, lasting engagement, and ultimately lead to conversion and increased revenue.

Content touches almost every aspect of an enterprise and is a core driver of sales, marketing, technical documentation, and the overall customer life cycle. Done well, it drives retention and revenue and generates happy customers. But in order to perform at its best, content needs to have certain qualities.


  • Reflecting the voice of your brand
  • Correct in terms of spelling and grammar
  • Accurate in its use of brand terminology¬†
  • Consistent across different content types
  • Scannable and readable
  • Clear and easy to understand

When the “How” meets the “What”

PoolParty and Acrolinx’s shared mission is to help technical creators generate impactful content by providing a centralized, scalable corporate lexicon that aligns brand terminology and the desired tone of voice while maintaining the consistency that supports writers as they create impactful content. Text and language have the tendency to be imprecise and sometimes even ambiguous. Multilingual texts are a challenge for automated processes and conventional search algorithms are often not precise enough to draw exact conclusions from unstructured data silos.

The comprehensive PoolParty taxonomy answers the question of ” what to say”, while the Acrolinx Content Analyser will provide you with insights on “how to say” it. Both technologies focus strongly on the different levels of knowledge management and successfully combine meta and semantic knowledge on a whole new level.

A taxonomy is a management organizational system that includes labels, systems, definitions, or hierarchies and can be used to display and connect a specific knowledge domain, subject, or topic area. A strong and well-structured taxonomy, combined with text mining capabilities, is especially important if you are looking for consistency, efficiency, and a profound semantic foundation to understand and generate relationships and hierarchies between all your data. This understanding can add value to the machine by suggesting further information relevant to the user’s search.

In this day and age, it is not about producing more, but the right content that is then further managed and distributed to the right audience. Without the appropriate tools, not only the creation but also the collaboration of content might be problematic. This is why digital leaders need to keep the following four things in mind when embarking on their journey of personalizing their customers’ digital experiences.


  • The need to respond fast
  • The need to adapt to an agile digital landscape by offering flexible consumer journeys
  • The need for organizations to put automatization in place
  • The need to deliver localized content in different formats and languages.

Let’s build a Semantic Content Hub

But what to do if you have to deal with large amounts of unstructured data, unfindable or even multilingual content?

In this case, building a Semantic Content Hub with PoolParty is a valuable solution. This Content Hub contains all the key components to achieve a well-rounded content experience and ensure more accurate filtering of relevant and non-relevant information while applying consistent tagging, based on consistent vocabulary.

PoolParty is a comprehensive and holistic middleware that covers all the core capabilities of a Semantic Content Hub and allows you to create and manage taxonomies, graph management, implement automated tagging, process unstructured documents, and build semantic AI applications on top. By doing so, you achieve high standards for your content based on your metadata and can then connect structured and unstructured information across all data silos.

Combining a Semantic Content Hub with a strong content management system and an intelligent impact platform can help you to create an optimal content solution and drive your business objectives.

By putting a centralized knowledge graph and an efficient taxonomy into place, you will be able to create efficient workflows. The Acrolinx Sidebar will query knowledge for writers and create a cooperate encyclopedia. This step will reduce errors across the writing process, break up and link data silos, and lay the foundation for taxonomists and content managers to work as a team.

this infographic shows how poolparty can be used in a content hub

Did you know?  PoolParty is the leading platform to implement Enterprise Knowledge Graphs for successful digital transformation

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