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Each year KMWorld looks for software products that break new territory in helping organizations achieve their knowledge management goals. Designated as the KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2016, the offerings listed here hold the promise for the marketplace—even if the marketplace has not yet realized it. The judging panel agrees that such characteristics as usefulness, scalability and level of innovation are among the most valuable components. And the panel believes that timing is key: Too late in the market and competitors already have a foothold. Too early and customers are nowhere to be found.

We are happy to announce that PoolParty Semantic Suite has been named by KMWorld a Trend-Setting Product 2016. PoolParty Semantic Suite has already been recognized by KMWorld as “Trend-Setting Product 2015”. Andreas Blumauer, founder and CEO of the Semantic Web Company, comments on the award as follows: ”We are truly honoured that KMWorld has chosen us once again for its prestigious innovator list. This proves that knowledge graphs, enterprise semantics, and linked data plays a crucial role in most enterprise information architectures. PoolParty is recognized as a leading semantic middleware based on standards to be integrated in any content management system.”

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KMWorld is the leading information provider serving the Knowledge Management systems market and covers the latest in content, document and knowledge management, informing more than 30,000 subscribers about the components and processes – and subsequent success stories – that together offer solutions for improving business performance. KMWorld is a publishing unit of Information Today, Inc.