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Industries that trust in Semantic Technologies

In the last years, an increasing number of smart applications in the pharmaceutical industry, Media & Publishing and E-Commerce were driven by Semantic Web technologies. These industries strongly rely on linking their digital assets in order to automatically display them in different contexts. Personalized content services are at the core of digital business models.

Those industries that embrace semantic technologies either innovate digital experiences or develop even new business models based on massive digital disruption as Media & Publishing does. Pharma is knowledge-intense and keen to optimize their information-driven internal processes. The forerunners of digital business (optimization) use a technology that was early and steadily developed for connected digital knowledge. Followers saw the results and had actually not many other technological alternatives when weighing the pros & cons for linking their own digital assets and make them actionable across multiple platforms.

What is behind the term ‘Cognitive Computing’?

The business side knows pretty well what kinds of applications they would need. However, often decision-makers aren’t aware what is technically feasible. Let’s be honest: Data-driven services and products sound modern, but are still in the early stage of development. Currently, ‘cognitive computing’ is a collective term for a set of methods & tools that facilitate more dynamic and smarter applications. It all comes comes down to language processing, speech & image recognition that incrementally gets automized through knowledge modelling and machine-learning algorithms. This is what semantic technologies is about from its early beginning: Understanding the meaning of digital assets, linking them and providing them in the right context.

Semantic technology adoption powered by PoolParty Academy

Today, semantic applications have spread across many organizations and proved effective. Experienced semantic technology professionals, who can deliver are in high demand.

CERTIFIED Semantic Web ExpertIn order to further accelerate the process of technology adoption, the Semantic Web Company – the company behind PoolParty Semantic Suite – established the first online certification program around semantic technologies. Individual professionals can get certified in semantic technologies and can proof to employers their practical relevant skill set. The first certification level is free of charge and provides learners with a systematic overview of methods & tools and how to apply them.

Advanced programs include hands-on assignments with PoolParty Semantic Suite that are tailor-suited to the job profiles of knowledge engineers and semantic web developers. Companies that are eager to embrace technological innovation have a streamlined training program at their disposal to bring their employees up to speed. This is success critical: A developer survey from stackoverflow indicates that most IT professionals are self-taught. Programs that guide the knowledge workers through complex fields to the essentials will help to reduce innovation restraints in organizations.

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PoolParty Academy is launching in September 2016 and grants limited seats for the Knowledge Engineering certification track (worth 800 EUR / 900 USD) for free. Send your contact details with the voucher code: 0816PPBA to The first 20 respondents will be added to the participant list.


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From 12th-15th September 2016, the biggest European Semantic Technologies conference SEMANTiCS takes place in Leipzig (Germany). The PoolParty Academy sponsors with the  Fast Track to Knowledge Engineering (12th of September 2016)  a free certification program (worth 800 EUR/ 900 USD). Participants benefit from a live training and direct contact with technical consultants. The attendance of the main conference is not obligatory to participate in the certification program.
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