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Navigate, search and link SharePoint content by use of semantic technologies based on PoolParty PowerTagging

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About this webinar
Semantic technologies build the basis for smart content management systems. Functionalities of such technologies range from automatic tagging / text mining to taxonomy / ontology management. From a user perspective, improved search, contextualisation of information, e.g. automatic content recommendation, and means for a better understanding of interlinked information are key for professional information management.

SharePoint is a frequently used carrier-system of enterprise content which offers some basic functionalities for semantic information management out-of-the-box. In this webinar, you will see how these features are usually used, e.g. SharePoint’s Term Store, and how those components can be extended by a set of additional functionalities provided by Semantic SP.

We will demonstrate and discuss the benefit of use cases based on the following components of the Semantic SP product family:

  • PowerTagging for SharePoint: Automatic tagging and semantic indexing of documents by use of text mining based on enterprise vocabularies. Semantic search based on SharePoint’s standard search component.
  • Semantic Knowledge Base for SharePoint: See how to publish and navigate enterprise vocabularies, complex semantic networks and/or ontologies within a SharePoint server.
  • Taxonomy Creator for SharePoint: See how to create and maintain very large and complex taxonomies by use of PoolParty Thesaurus Server, to import into SP Term Store or to enable PowerTagging for SharePoint.

Who will benefit from this free webinar?

  • All companies using SharePoint 2013 which are in the phase of planning the introduction of a professional metadata and/or taxonomy management system which is capable of annotating SharePoint content (semi-)automatically
  • All companies which are looking for a professional environment to create and maintain enterprise taxonomies and/or controlled vocabularies to incorporate them into SharePoint
  • All companies which would like to use SharePoint as the preferred platform to make enterprise vocabularies accessible to the employees
  • All users who are interested in a powerful semantic search integrated with SharePoint’s standard search server.

About the hosts
This webinar is organised by Search ExplainediQuest Group and the Semantic Web Company.