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Smart Data Analytics Solutions Based on Semantics


Companies that focus on available data within their organization and transform their insights into actions have a strong competitive advantage. To break up data silos and invest resources in professional data management seem to be big projects, which get frequently overruled by other priorities. PoolParty is an easy and highly effective solution for your data-based business transformation.

Your Challenge

To truly benefit from available data, your analytic tools must be very flexible and capable to process structured and unstructured data.
What you need to analyze can strongly vary and develop through new insights.
It’s not just your data scientist who must work with data? Other stakeholders such as management, researchers or experts from various departments shall also use data for their work?

Our Solution

PoolParty Semantic Platform provides your team with a rich feature set to generate insights from different data sources in virtually any format. PoolParty processes data from relational databases, Web APIs, XML, document collections, and more.
Data and information streams get linked automatically following the rules set in your knowledge model.
We enable end-users to make analytical decisions by providing state-of-the-art data portals and visualizations.

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PoolParty Semantic Middleware Integrations

Selected References

Your Benefits

  • PoolParty helps you to avoid the danger of being entangled in a resource-intense data migration project. By adding metadata and storing it in a NoSQL database, you start fast and safe with your data-driven agenda
  • PoolParty enables you to integrate Linked Open Data into your information system. Profit from synergy effects within your business ecosystem!
  • PoolParty is a highly¬†reliable solution. It provides a technology suite that is made for intense data work for the backend as well as the frontend.

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