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PoolParty Basic Server

The PoolParty Basic Server is perfectly suited for building and finetuning taxonomies with a low to medium level of scope and complexity.

Included Modules and Features

PoolParty Basic Server license includes the following modules and features:

Comfortable Editor

The taxonomy editor is very user-friendly and enables also subject matter experts to start working on knowledge models only after a short training.

Read More

SKOS Compatibility

PoolParty applies the SKOS standard, which ensures interoperability of the knowledge models. Prior knowledge about SKOS is not required in order to work with PoolParty as the methodology is seamlessly embedded in the software. Read More

Multiple Projects

You can create and maintain multiple taxonomies seperately from each other. You can also merge taxonomies into one knowledge model. Read More

User Management

PoolParty differentiates 4 user roles with different user rights, which streamlines your collaborative knowledge engineering efforts. The function user groups enables you to display projects publicly or restrict the access to it. There is no limitation on users or projects within PoolParty. Read More


PoolParty uses UTF-8, which makes virtually all encodings and languages possible. The user interface makes it very convenient to manage multilingual knowledge models within one project. Read More

Import/Export (incl. Excel)

You can import your existing taxonomies into PoolParty. The software supports the import of Excel sheets and all common serializations for RDF data. PoolParty taxonomies or sub-trees of it can be exported in different formats as well. Read More

Visual Browser

PoolParty provides alternative views to the taxonomy hierarchy tree. Knowledge engineers can efficiently browse through extensive knowledge models. Read More

Rollback & History

The taxonomy development process can be tracked via the History Management functionality. By creating snapshots, previous project versions can be preserved and restored on demand. Read More


The RESTful API enables you to integrate your taxonomy with third-party systems. All data that can be managed or retrieved via the GUI can also be accessed via the API. Read More

WordPress – Semantic Integration

You can develop your taxonomy in PoolParty, which provides a highly developed and user-friendy taxonomy editor and export the knowledge model directly to WordPress. Read More

Optional Modules

Optionally, you can add any of the below listed modules and features to your PoolParty Basic Server.
Depending on the progress of your project, a software maintenance contract allows you
to upgrade to PoolParty Advanced or Enterprise Server at a later time.

Quality Management & Reports

PoolParty conducts automatic checks on your knowledge model and provides you with adequate repair mechanisms. Inconsistencies are comprehensively summarized in reports. Read More

Ontology Management

The module allows you to extend the expressiveness of your taxonomy. You can create specific relations and attributes. You can reuse existing ontologies from the PoolParty libary and combine them to custom schemes (views) for your specific knowledge model. Read More

Linked Data Enrichment

Concepts can be automatically enriched with additional resources as images and geo-information from Linked Data sources. You can extend the concepts by synonyms, definitions and equivalents in other languages. Read More

Linked Data Frontend

Taxonomies and ontologies can be published and browsed by external parties. Every concept has an URI that can be consistently reused in another context. The Linked Data frontend is highly customizable to corporate needs. Read More

Autopopulate Project

The autopopulate functionality enables users to use existing taxonomy trees from Linked Data sources automatically, which can then be customized to one’s own needs. Read More

Semantic Search

You can test your knowledge model and corpora in a prototypical search application. Read More

PowerTagging for Drupal

The out-of-the-box module enables you to use your knowledge model for content classficiation in your Drupal system. Content gets matched against the taxonomy and highly precise tag recommendations are generated. There are further semantic modules for Drupal, which can be used additionally. Read More

PowerTagging for Confluence

The out-of-the-box module enables you to use your knowledge model for content classficiation in your Confluence system. Content gets matched against the taxonomy and highly precise tag recommendations are generated. There are further semantic modules for Confluence, which can be used additionally. Read More

SPARQL endpoint

SPARQL endpoints provide a programmatic interface to query RDF data from a server using the standardized query language SPARQL. For every project in PoolParty a SPARQL endpoint is available. Read More

Please note that we offer bundles of optional features at a reduced price.
Our consultant team will gladly support you in picking the appropriate configuration.

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