Video: Linked Data Management

If you want to get involved with “Linked DataLinked Data is a sub-topic of the Semantic Web. The term Linked Data is used to describe a method of exposing, sharing, and connecting data via dereferenceable URIs on the Web.”, the most practical “Semantic WebSemantic Web is a group of methods and technologies to allow machines to understand the meaning - or "semantics" - of information on the World Wide Web. The term was coined by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) director Tim Berners-Lee. According to the original vision, the availability of ...” we have seen so far, watch this video of a webinar we gave in Ocotber 2011

  • evaluate possibilities which linked data can offer
  • understand how to transform your data to linked data in a controlled and strategic manner
  • get an idea why linked data technologies are the “agile way of enterprise data integrationData integration involves combining data residing in different sources and providing users with a unified view of these data. This process becomes significant in a variety of situations both commercial (when two similar companies need to merge their databases) and scientific (combining research ...
  • see how to profit from oodles of free available data in the cloud
  • understand how and why publishing interesting and relevant parts of your data could be a strategic option for you

Visitors can see PoolParty┬┤s Linked Data capabilities. We present several examples of linked open data portals based on PoolParty technologies.

Webinar: Linked Data Management from Semantic Web Company on Vimeo.